Friday, 28 October 2011

Inspired by 1970s B-movie masters, Argento, Castle, and Carpenter, this years In The Company of Wolves event showcased an eclectic collaboration of Fashion, Art, Music and in the Subclub, Glasgow. With luminous lighting effects and live visuals from Florence To the venue reflected scenes from the horror masterpiece Suspiria. Here are a few snaps of the night.

Tableau Vivant performance by artist Claudia Nova.
Based on a scene from the lesbian B-Movie horror Daughters of Darkness, three models held this position during the intermission of the show.

Artwork by Rachel Frances Sharpe. Prints from the Little Death series (June 2011).
These prints are four colour separation screen-prints. The prints are taken from a collage based on JG Ballards cult movie Crash. The prints co-exist with lazer-cut blood splats as seen in the middle of the image.

Bonnie Bling

Fair Feathered Friend

Linzi Austin

Jenivieve Berlin Millinery

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